Talking to Teens

By working together, we can make a difference

By starting to read this booklet, Talking to Teens About Drinking, you are showing how much you care about your children regarding a very important issue facing them, and you as parents...underage drinking. This booklet is designed to help prevent underage drinking by encouraging open, honest communication between parents and children. Research among youth consistently shows that parents have the greatest influence on children’s decisions about drinking.

Along with parents, tackling underage drinking requires a team approach: teachers, community groups, businesses, members of the alcohol beverage industry and many others. The Illinois Principals Association and the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois have joined together to develop this booklet not only because underage drinking can cause harm to children, but more importantly, because many of us are parents ourselves. And just like most parents, we want our children to live happy, healthy lives by making smart choices, resisting peer pressure, respecting the law and avoiding underage drinking.

Thank you for your interest in this booklet and we hope it helps you feel a bit more at ease about talking to your children about alcohol.

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