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ABDI has a new industry brochure entitled "Illinois Beer Distributors - delivering more than just beer."

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Beer distributors do a lot more than deliver beer from brewers and importers to the local retailers.  Their role within the three-tier system is much more involved.  Distributors purchase beer from the brewers and store the beer at their facilities until it is needed by the retailer.  They sell beer to retailers such as restaurants, grocery stores, taverns, and convenience stores.  Warehousing and delivery is done locally, so retailer inventory is smaller and the related costs are lower.

Contracts with brewery suppliers mandate they must help build brand recognition through advertising, promotions, and merchandising.  The average beer distributor has annual sales of approximately $11.8 million and employs 36 workers.  Most distributorships are family-owned and operated, often by descendants of its post-prohibition founder.  Many beer distributors are closely aligned with the brands they sell.

ABDI members pride themselves on coordinating their business interests, standards and practices with the regulatory environment in which they operate to ensure that public interest is met.  Illinois' beer distributors support their communities in countless ways, and are committed to reducing drunk driving, preventing underage drinking, and educating the public on responsible consumption of their products.

The Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI) was organized as an association in Springfield, Illinois, on December 15, 1938.  On December 1, 1939, ABDI became incorporated as a not-for-profit business trade association