A Drink Is Not A Drink

Lets take a look.....



Equivalent of Beer

2 Drinks in 1 Hour

Beer .54 oz. of alcohol



2 beers

Pina Colada 3.0 oz.


5.55 beers

11.1 beers

White Russian 2.9 oz.


5.37 beers

10.8 beers

Manhattan 2.18 oz.


4.04 beers

8.08 beers

Hurrican 2.0 oz.


3.70 beers

7.40 beers

Tom Collins 2.0 oz.


3.70 beers

7.40 beers

Margarita 1.79 oz.


3.31 beers

6.62 beers

Dry Martini 1.78 oz.


3.30 beers

6.60 beers

Frozen Daiquiri 1.5 oz.


2.78 beers

5.56 beers

*Mixed drinks are basedon typical drink recipes from teh Mr. Boston Official Bartender's and Party Guide using 80 proof liquor. **Average domestic 12. oz. regular beer - light beers would be less.

  • Based on these equivalences, alcohol may be alcohol, but a drink is definitely not a drink. The amount of alcohol in a poured/mixed drink is dependent on the type of drink and who pours it.
  • Alcohol intoxication is dependent upon the amount of alcohol consumed, not the number of drinks consumed.
  • Stating that "a drink is a drink", implying there is no difference between beer, wine or hard liquor if they are served in standard sizes, is very misleading.

The Facts

  • Beer is a unique product with individual attributes, distinct among licensed beverages.
  • A concerted effort is being made to represent that a drink is a drink whether the drink is a mug of beer, a glass of wine or a martini.
  • The notion is known as "equivalence," and it is misleading. It does not reflect the way these products are served
  • Historically, public policy has clearly differentiated between the types of alcoholic liquors and that policy should be maintained.

Beer the Beverage of Moderation